Eager to get photos of you from Izumicon 2008 online?

Well, I just randomly go through and work on files. I realize that doesn't work for a lot of you and leaves you guessing. Me too. And I want to help.

So, I've set up a gallery where you can browse over the proofs taken at Izumicon 2008. Find yourself and email me with one of the file numbers, such as 081123_0800 and I'll put you next in line to work on, costumers and cosplayers that don't have any photos online will have priority. This doesn't guarantee I'll work on that specific image (I'll probably work on the one that I consider the best of the bunch), but I'll get something online as soon as possible.

No charge or anything, the only downside is having to contact me. Hopefully, through this process, I'll get to know the local community better and gain a better understanding of how I can serve you more efficiently.

So, where's that link? Right here.


*If you use an image with the word proof online, people in the know will either think you're clueless or unethical.