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SkyPirate Banners - Link to the SkyPirate
A-kon 19™ - Annual Anime and Cosplay convention held in Dallas.
American Cosplay Paradise - A Female Costume Gallery
All-Con - All-Con is a three day arts and fan convention held in Dallas, Texas
AnimeFest - Anime convention and association in Dallas Texas for fans of Japanese animation
Anime Matsuri - Houston, Texas
AtsuiCon - Houston, Texas
YuleCon - Fort Worth, Texas - Massive and outstanding site. The center of the cosplay universe.
Cosplay/Anime Costuming and Masquerade Links - a site that has links to cosplay sites all over the world, from Japan, North America, Britain and Europe, and even one from Australia
Cosplay Lab - The largest costume collection featuring Anime, Manga, Gaming, J-Rock and more.
Ikkicon - Austin, Texas
Izumicon - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Rising Sun - Sets the standard by which all other cosplay galleries are measured.

Adella’s Cosplay -
Angel Sanctuary -
AngelicStar -

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